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Handmade and Indulgent are the two words that best describe my products. 


Whether you're looking for an unusual present, or a special treat for yourself .... you're sure to find something suitable on this website.


A little bit about myself.....

I started experimenting with candle making as a hobby ..... simply because I love scented candles.


I always disliked the black smoke and soot you so often get with shop-bought candles .... and the fact that they seem to lose their fragrance too quickly.


So I set about rectifying those two things and did some research.


I soon found out that the black smoke was primarily caused by using paraffin wax and the lack of long-lasting scent by being 'economical' with the addition of fragrance oil (the expensive part of candle making).


Cut a long story short ... I only use top quality soy wax in my candles and melts and add generous amounts of fragrance or essential oils that last all the way down to the bottom of the candle.


In 2019, it seemd the obvious step to venture into other 'smellies' .... and the range of luxurious liquid hand washes and lotions was born. The entire range of washes and lotions is Vegan, paraben-free and sold in recycled and recyclable bottles!  I even offer a refill service!

Try them! 


I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy making them!


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